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July 02, 2014


You have certainly had your fill over the last few years. It can really take its toll. Take this time for yourself...to cry, to sleep, to knit, to do whatever it is you feel like doing, to get you all rested up and ready to take on the next chapter!

Transition is truly valuable. Embrace the process. It will have challenges, but in the end you will emerge...the person you want to be. I am looking forward to your knitting projects.


Enjoy having some time for yourself. Letting professionals look after your mother's physical needs does not lessen how much you still care for her. My mother-in-law enjoyed her last year and a half in a nursing home with lots of people and activity to pass the time, knowing she was not a "burden" to us.

The year I finished working, I celebrated the first day of school in Sept. at a potluck brunch with some fellow retired teachers. That is when it really sinks in. Have great fun and no regrets!

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